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  ProtTech has developed a new technology to determine the complete amino acid sequence of monoclonal antibodies.  
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ProtTech Inc. is focusing on developing and implementing cutting edge protein analytical and biochemical technology, and is dedicated to providing high quality services and products for biological research, drug discovery and development.


Protein Identification and Analysis         


Identification of Protein Gel band/spots. A SDS-PAGE separated protein gel band or 2D spot with coomassie, silver, fluorescent dye or other staining is identified by our ultra sensitive Nano LC-MS/MS technology at a very low cost.

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Sample Requirement

  • The height of each gel slice (vertical dimension) should be less than 2.5 mm. A gel slice higher than 2.5 mm will be trimmed to 2.5 mm in our processing.
  • Each 1D gel sample should contain only one visible protein band.
  • For a sample with low amount, you may send us a duplicate sample in a separate tube as a backup. There is no extra charge.
  • Please send us a copy of a photograph of uncut gel with submitted protein bands (spots) clearly marked. Such a photograph may help us to decide the best procedure for analyzing these samples.
  • In the case that a silver staining are needed in order to visualize protein bands, one should use a MS-compatible silver staining protocol or kit (such as Invitrogen Silver Quest).
  • Each sample should be free of contamination. Direct contact with bare hands, dirty gel containers, or the surface of a light box should be avoided.

2)  Identification of simple protein mixture. This service is to provide a very cost effective way to identify up to 20 protein in a solution simple protein mixture, assuming that NO overwhelming high abundant proteins (such as IgG heavy and light chain in an IP) present.
Sample Requirement

  • A solution sample shouldn't contain excess amount of antibodies, bait protein or other proteins in excess amount. The presence of a dominant protein in a solution sample often prevents the identification of many other less abundant proteins. Running a SDS-PAGE and identifying proteins with gel samples is often a better alternative in such a case.
  • Use a small portion of a solution samples to run a SDS-PAGE to confirm its quality before shipping sample to us (to avoid wasting money on a bad sample). Please send us a copy of the gel photograph together with your sample.
  • All solution samples must be shipped in a dry ice container.

3)  Complete profiling of complex protein mixture. Up to 400 different proteins in a complex protein mixture can be reliably identified. This service provides a very effective way to completely profile a complex protein mixture without missing important low abundant proteins. It save over 35% in the cost of identifying proteins. It also save an investigator much effort in concentrating samples, running/staining gel and cutting gel bands.

  • Sample preparation and run SDS-PAGE.
  • Densitometric measurement. (Optional)
  • Cut out intense band and slice the rest gel lane.
  • Follow the procedure of protein identification of gel samples.

Sample Requirement

  • There is NO need to concentrate sample.
  • Please avoid any keratin contamination.


4)   Characterization of Biologic Products

Biologic products, including biosimilars, biogenerics and follow on biologic products, are often heterogenous and difficult to characterize slight changes in the protein structure of a protein products, such as glycosylation, disulfide bond linkage, deamidation/oxydation or the presence of some low level impurities, which can lead to a dramatic changes of its efficacy, immunogenicity and/or toxicity. Therefore, detailed characterization of a biological products is essential in the discovery and development of biologics.

  • Protein Mixture Quantitation & Impurity Analysis
  • Peptide Mapping
  • Disulfide Bond Analysis
  • Glycosylation Analysis
  • Intact Molecular Weight Measurement
  • N-terminal and C-terminal Sequencing
  • Electrophoresis and Isoelectric Focusing Analysis
  • Liquid Chromatographic Analysis
  • Colony Selection
  • Antibody Epitope Mapping
  • Identifying Antibody Molecular Targets
  • De Novo Sequencing of mAb
  • Software for Characterizing Therapeutic Proteins


5)   Biomarker Discovery by Proteomics
ProtTech provides two LC-MS/Ms based platforms for protein biomarker discovery:

i) Fast Scanning: A LC-MS based method to identify protein differential among the abundant protein with low cost, rapid turnover and possible to scan a large number of samples. It can resolve up to 500 proteins in a sample pair.

ii) Deep Analysis: A high resolution analysis to identify protein differential from less abundant proteins. By combination SDS-PAGE separation and LC-MS analysis, it is possible to resolve up to 2000 proteins in a pair of samples (a sample and a control).


6)   Drug Targets Identification and Validation
Identifying in vivo protein targets of a drug molecule; Elucidating the mechanism of action. 

For more details please inquire


7)   Active Protein Expression Services
ProtTech offers a customized service package for the expression of proteins in soluble and active form. This service package is aimed to deliver proteins of high purity in a range of 1mg to 1 gram, which can be used for high throughput screening and other types of assay. It can also be used for the generation of therapeutic antibodies, which often require antigen proteins with correct folding.


8)   Research Antibody Reagents
High quality, low cost antibodies for life science research. 

Product Name

Catalog No.


Anti-His Tag mAb



Anti-HA Tag mAb



Anti-Myc Tag mAb



Anti-GST Tag mAb



Anti-V5 Tag mAb



Anti-DYKDDDK Tag (FlagTag) mAb



Anti-S1P1 mAb (anti-sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor-1)







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